Press Release of High Commission for Bangladesh, Canberra

18 January 2019:  The High Commission for Bangladesh in Canberra assures all members of Bangladesh expatriates and diaspora as well as other consular service seekers in Australia that all consular services are being provided by the High Commission following due procedures. The High Commission further assures that integrity of such documents have been fully restored, following revelation of some irregularities with handwritten visa issued in the name of the  High Commission in the recent weeks.

Though Bangladesh High Commission stopped issuance of handwritten visa since 21 February 2018, some refugees holding Australian Travel Documents got their documents affixed with fake (handwritten) Bangladesh visa with the help of agents.  Some of them even travelled successfully to Bangladesh with those fake visas taking advantage of hand-written visas, while a few were denied entry into Bangladesh and were subsequently deported.

Several agents, involved in the fraudulent act of issuing fake visa by forging the signature of High Commission’s Visa Officer, have been identified. The subject is under investigation by the competent authorities in Bangladesh and perhaps Australia.

The High Commission wishes to clarify that No Visa Required seal affixed to members of Bangladesh diaspora are not visas and their integrity remain intact. While other consular services continue following due procedures, consular service seekers who may have doubts on genuineness of their consular documents and services obtained may contact the High Commission to get their authenticity verified.         The High Commission will also deeply appreciate information on any wrongdoing related to issuance of consular documents and consular services that may be sent to