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Deen Mohammed Monir

It’s all about balancing and carrying out the activities, movement and lifestyle within a specific place the one which eventually becomes a kingdom of one’s own. I feel it strongly, as I haven’t been able to make it happen; I mean, I never have had a kingdom of my own. The reason I am uplifting this kind of issue, is trying to make sure that no one makes the same mistake. Once anyone is uprooted from the place where one’s life began, it is then very difficult to put oneself back to the soil again. This is the reality and it needs a detailed clarification to prove the statement. It is not going to be discussed here as the focus of this context is a small place where one was born, grew up and has been taking part all the lively activities those are essential for the nourishment of a complete life.

The word ‘limited’ needs to be considered when we think of a life. There is a boundary, and every individual is supposed to be confined within this boundary. Limited life time and limited abilities are the entities of that boundary. To have the full essence of life, anyone needs to be practical enough to use these entities properly. As an example, the more busy we are the less time we feel; it means, we lose time. In support of the above example, there is a hypothetical situation where a person lived a life of hundred years; in a way, the person was busy all his or her lifetime fulfilling his or her desires which are set by the person only to make his or her unnecessary wishes come true, and the person here never felt hundred years of his or her lifetime; versus, another person who lived seventy years in a particular place, and involved doing simple necessary things just enough for a meaningful and peaceful life, felt more than hundred years of his or her lifetime. It is hypothetical but true. Time is what we feel, not what the length is. Careful use of our limited lifetime can help us extend the lifetime. Selection of activities and involving oneself in a whole range of social arrangements within a particular place, make oneself feel like a part and parcel of that place and people. The person gradually starts to feel that he or she becomes the core of that place surrounded by the nature, friends, relatives and well wishers. We call it spreading roots deep in the soil and having the essential nutrients from the surrounds. From the birth, I never spent more than five years together in one place. The time when we just started to be familiar with the place, people and the nature then we had to move to another place because of the nature of my father’s job. We have never been known as locals. But, I felt what a local was; what pride a local contained, and how enriched the soul of a local was.

I have mentioned earlier about limited lifetime and abilities. I have also mentioned about involving oneself in the whole range of social arrangements. Let’s see, how these elements need to be considered creating a own world. The word ‘limited’ means we have no power to change it, but we have options to have the fullest essence available in that boundary. What happens if we go across the boundary and spend part of our lifetime over there? Small place where all the known faces are; where all the resonances in the blood stream, sourced from the smells of known flowers, fruits and terrestrial beings, are; where all the known sounds are, and where all the known tastes exist, is the world of ones own. The colours and culture give oneself the senses of liveliness and senses of being part of that world. It is the world, and it takes continuous involvement to have a central role playing capacity. Once this continuous involvement is disrupted, the creation process delays, and sometimes the concept of ownership of that world becomes vulnerable.

The world created inside the person, is small, but it is the real world which is bigger than the whole universe.

No one needs to be very careful or have a hard working ability to be a local. It is the intention to feel like connected with everything that surrounds, and it is the best choice to have that opportunity. It is needed to be understood what a connection is, how connections happen, and how it makes a bond between a person and a place over the time. I have heard, lots of time, people saying the past world was full of happiness, full of satisfaction from small things, and life was more meaningful. It can be explained as, the less options we have the more detail of something can be explored; thus, the bond or connection becomes stronger. Say for example, If the speed of movement of anyone is hundred kilometres per hour, then one can only see an overview of everything, but if anyone walks, then the real beauty will come to that person, and the connection between that person and the surroundings will be stronger. It needs to be explained, how the involvement in detail with something makes a strong connection. A place is a home or the world where life starts, which becomes a playground, where each and every corner is known, where love acts as a bond between people. The more detail involvement occurs the stronger the connection becomes. The more longer time anyone spends the more involvement happens. The definition of one’s world becomes sharper.

I had a opportunity to see the lives of some people in my village. Most of them spent their whole lives in the same village. Their homes, their neighbours, their relatives, the village mosque, the village market, the activities around, the food and the festivals were their elements of life. They did not know the outside world, and in fact, they never felt incomplete not being part of another place. The lifestyle was set, the happiness was around them, and they had literally everything they needed. Their needs were limited, as they knew that those were the the only options available. If I was critical about it, I would say they did not know what they were missing, but it is wrong. Needs are endless, and there is a direct relationship between needs and options. It means, the more options anyone has the more needs anyone feels; thus, life becomes stressful. Anyway, those people in that village have been living there generation after generation. Their ancestors spent their lives there, and they left their marks there; for example, establishments such as schools, temples and mosques; trees, ponds or DIGHIS; and the culture, jokes,myths, accents, foods, lifestyle, habits, etc. Those elements have so profound effects in the souls of the descendants that they find some sort of meaning of their existence on earth. If I say for the roots of locals, as I have mentioned earlier in this article, those profound feelings are those nutrients for spreading the roots deep in their place. Life is something which depends on how anyone feels about it.

The process of having the possession of the place begins from the time of the birth. When someone is born, it is the culture of the place that welcomes. It is the beauty of nature which makes the child believe that the child is a part of the whole arrangement. Whatever the place is, or however the place is; it doesn’t make any significant difference about the bonds making process. It is the bond between the child and the people; it is the bond between the child and the environment or nature; furthermore, it is the bond between the child and the place itself.

Let’s explore what actually the word world means to anybody. The physical concept of the world is what is defined in geography, and it is known by everyone on the earth. I like to concentrate on what really exists about the world in our mind. If anyone closes his or her eyes, the place which comes first, is the place where the person spent most of his or her lifetime, especially the early part of the life. It is because of the bonding that connected the person with that place, and it was being developed through the person’s interactive activities over the time. Activities, elements and their combined effects on mind that is on developing stage, accepts those senses as the building materials of the world of that mind. It means, the definition of the person’s world develops, and it is unique in nature. Hypothetically, we can say, there are about the same number of worlds as the number of individuals in this physical world. The mental state of individual always leads, and each and everyone feels comfortable in his or her world of his or her own. Why do we need to care about our comfort? The answer of this question might reveal the fact that at the end of the day, comfort is the only thing where we tend to be. Our subconscious mind always leads us towards the comfort zones. In fact, subconscious mind stays apparently hidden in ourselves, but it is the the one that guides us to the direction where it feels the most comfort; simply saying, where it gains most of it’s satisfaction. On the other hand, conscious mind always values the material world. It is usually accompanied by temporary needs and habits. The decision that comes from this conscious mind, does not carry the perfect satisfaction what stays in the soul. There is always a conflict between these two states of mind. If the conscious part wins, there is a degree of incompleteness stays in the soul. We need to understand that it is the soul, not the body that carries the life. It is the soul that tends towards the comfort; thus, saturates up to the complete state of life. So, the place what the soul is for, is the perfect place to be.

What a feeling, when a person can realise that everything of a particular place is for that person, and the person is for everything of that place! It seems that the world created inside the person, is small, but it is the real world which is bigger than the whole universe.
Trust me, it is the absolute truth; nevertheless, the choice is yours.

Deen Mohammed Monir
Sydney, Australia.

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